Do you want your Wedding to run as
smoothly as possible?
 Now it can!

By consulting with me to answer questions regarding any aspects of photo coverage, video coverage, color choices for clothing and flowers, etc., you can take better control over the look of your day. Not only can I give you answers to any questions regarding the visual aspects of your day, I am happy to share with you insights I've gained from over twenty years of photographing weddings in Florida. I have seen and experienced many other vendors' work, and can tell you what to look out for, questions to ask, and will tell you about some of the more "confidential" aspects of the wedding specialists' trade. I can also tell you how to make yourself a more ideal client; that is, someone whom your wedding vendors will want to work harder for, giving you their very best.

If you are getting married in the Sarasota/Tampa Bay area, I can help you by suggesting wedding vendors I have worked with personally, and who take excellent care of their clients. In addition, if you are getting married in the Sarasota area, and if my stylistic approach to shooting weddings is appropriate to your needs, I would welcome the opportunity to take care of you that way as well! (In fact, I will credit towards your photo-coverage any amount spent on my consultation services, up to 60.00). My photography website is:

So, if you want to feel more secure in your decisions, if you want to help eliminate some common mistakes, and if you want to save a lot of money by getting information that will help your day to run more smoothly, please call me!   Click here for Free Hint of the Week

I charge 1.25 per minute, and accept all major charge cards.

The process is easy, simply call me on my toll-free number. Please feel free to ask any qualifying questions you may have before sharing your billing information. When you are comfortable to proceed, I will get your charge-card information and run it through the system, and the consultation then begins.

For an additional fee, I can send you an mp3 (audio) file of the information I shared with you. It can be sent over the internet to you, or burned to a CD and mailed to you. If you spend over 60.00 on my services, there is no charge for the transcript. I look forward to taking great care of you!

Ralph Clemments, A Caring Heart LC
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